Same Passion.
Renewed Perspective.



Same passion.

Same Passion: We are Learning

Navigating our way through these unprecedented times, we are all learning. Because even amidst these uncertainties, lie opportunities. The challenges we face today are helping us develop the strength, needed for tomorrow. And we are all learning with the same passion that we started this journey with.

Renewed Perspective:
The New Normal

The world is adapting to the new normal. Everyone is observing #SOCIALDISTANCING, so are we. But the distance is bringing us closer. It is strengthening our core as a team. As we move forward each day defying each obstacle, we are preparing to succeed with a renewed perspective. Our goals and vision are the same, our target is growth and success, but our approach this time, is different.

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Group Overview - Key Numbers


Same Principles. Renewed Passion.

Established in the year 1945 as a small trading firm, the DK Jain Group is the pioneer and a leader in the Indian Automotive industry. Since inception, the Company has undergone a multi-phased development and evolution journey. With over 7 decades of rich experience and expertise, the Group’s ‘Customer First’ philosophy has been an intrinsic part of its foundation, right from the beginning. The Company’s principles: Respect, Integrity, Passion, and Excellence, form the core of its strong foundation and commitment. These principles act like the guiding light that have enabled the Company to widen its spectrum of offerings.

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Same Proficiency. Renewed Expertise.

Lumax Industries Limited, the D. K. Jain Group’s flagship company, caters to the Indian Automotive Automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). The Company, propelled by state-of-the-art technologies and latest trends, provides premium quality automotive lighting solutions for Four-Wheeler (4W), Two-Wheeler (2W), Commercial Vehicles (CV) and Tractor/FES.

Revolving around our prestige ‘Customer First’ approach, the Company today enjoys a handsome market share of over 60%. The dynamic collaboration with Stanley, Japan, has helped the Company progress closer to its goal each day. Further, the strong partnership with SL Corporation, Korea, for developing other automotive components, has helped the Company cater to a wide range of customer requirements. Collaborations do not just accelerate business velocity, but they also align customer expectations to product offerings.

Our Group Purpose

Delivering pride and
progress with positivity

Our Vision

Building an admired high performance global organisation in whom all stakeholders have absolute trust.

Our Values



Same Presence. Renewed Purpose.

The word ‘Lumax’ stands for Luminosity Maxima, which means growing and believing. The Company is strongly driven by its passion to grow. The zeal to constantly develop competencies has helped Lumax come a long way today. It is an attribute that has motivated the Company to move ahead with a clear purpose – the purpose of expanding its horizons.

With a wide and complete range of automobile lighting systems and solutions, Lumax has taken automotive lighting to a new level. These stellar systems and solutions help us cater to a substantial Original Equipment Customers with passion. And to justify our purpose, we have strategically expanded our footsteps in India.


Same Presence. Renewed Purpose.

Success is not just about great ideas. It is about dreaming big for greater things and making it happen. The Company’s technological expertise and strong R&D development, clubbed with customer-centric approach, is its game-changing factor.

Lumax Industries is identified as a leading, agile, and innovative global automobile lighting solution provider. The Company is known for delivering growth with improved profitability. Design, quality, and aesthetic facets are the key demand drivers of the Company’s products. The recent developments and changing customer preferences are the key enablers of transition from conventional to LED lighting.

The Company continues investing in infrastructure, technology, product development, processes, and its most important asset — human capital. The Company, positioned at the forefront of the industry developments, rides the back of a strong brand equity and proven execution track record. This approach is sure to bring out consistent results as the Company continues outperforming the industry.


Same Relationship. Renewed Offerings.

When you look out, what you see does not just depend on what you look at, but also on where you look from. Simply put, when you change perspective from where you are to where all you can be, progress is sure to follow.

The Company, having built a rich legacy in the Indian automotive lighting space, is now ready to further solidify its footings in the industry. Lumax Industries has extended its existing joint venture (JV) business to include electronic parts and components with complete range of Stanley Electric products. The purpose of this addition is to expand the Company’s portfolio and product offerings. The Company aims to include the vast range of advanced electronic components available with Stanley Electric, Japan

Starting with the production of Printed Circuit Board (PCB), the core component of automotive lighting system, the JV will extend its product line to Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning panel (HVAC) in the near future. The product will be localised and manufactured at the Company’s newly setup electronic facility at Bawal, Haryana.

Message from
the Management

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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Audit Committee
Nomination & Remuneration Committee
Share Transfer/Stakeholder Relationship Committee
Corporate Social Responsibility Committee

C: Chairman M: Member

Awards and Accolades

Same Goals. Renewed Efforts.

JIPM-TPM Excellence Award, 2019,
for the Dharuhera plant

Gold Award in Excellence in Supplier Development,
at the ACMA Technology Summit & Awards, November 2019, for the Pantnagar plant

Gold Award in Excellence in Inclusive Growth — A Make in India Drive —
at the ACMA Technology Summit & Awards, November 2019, for the Dharuhera plant

Bronze Award in Excellence in Manufacturing at the ACMA Technology Summit & Awards,
November 2019, for the Dharuhera plant

Gold Award in Digitalisation Robotics and Automation Category,
amongst 48 nominees at Low Cost Automation & Digitalisation Robotics and Automation Competition organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry in September 2019, held at Gurugram, for the Dharuhera plant

Gold Award at ICQCC 2019,
held at Tokyo, Japan, in September 2019, for the Bengaluru plant, won from a total of 368 teams from 13 countries that participated in the global Quality Control Circles competition

Silver Award in Excellence in New Product Design & Development
at the ACMA Technology Summit & Awards in November 2019, for the Chakan Plant.

Participated at the Auto Expo

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