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The DTC Group, with each passing day is enlarging its scales of possibilities. It has its root in the field of mining, for over 40 years now, and has upraised itself by excelling in services like Real Estate, which has a huge project expansion; infrastructure, that encourages a long-lasting and brighter future of India; and logistics, that has a wholistic approach with regards to warehouse solutions, in major parts of the country.

Real estate

DTC is engaged in this business through its Group company DTC Projects Pvt. Ltd. The grouphas successfully completed two Kolkata real estate development projects with a consolidated built-up area of 0.2 million square feet.


DTC is engaged in this business through Rajmahal Quartz Sand, Kaolin Co. and DTC Minerals Pvt. Ltd. The Group mines and processes silica sand and china clay and is in the process of setting up units to process graphite & stone chips.


DTC is responsible for laying outsourced ductile iron pipes for private and government agencies in Western and Southern India. Currently, engaged with Electro steel casting Ltd.


DTC has ventured recently in the logistics sector and currently provides end to end warehousing solution. The company has currently operations in 5 key locations - Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi-NCR and Kolkata region.

We Are Your Dream

Being influenced enough with the urban lifestyle, and the current upgradation in infrastructural facilities, we came up with two main projects- real estate which with its amenities are sure to attract a lot of families, and infrastructural amenities, where we are specifically laying outsourced ductile pipes, envisioning a better India.

News Updates

DTC Group has augmented its project by a coherent understanding of catering to the respective consumers, and developing constantly. This has perhaps provided an extra mile to it. The constant update of what we are indulging in and how we are fulfilling dreams of thousands of people, will provide you with a better and clear vision of our goals.

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